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Testing Forumotion's New Classifieds

Published the Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:55 pm

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Description :

8-25-2017 Update:

Please note that Classified Ads posted to this New Classifieds Format Test section may appear in Forumotion's new Public Directory for Ads, Events, & Publications:

If you prefer not to have your For Sale Classified Ad(s) showcased in Forumotion's directory, you can post in the original For Sale forum section here:


Description goes here. Example:


Feature 1-

Feature 2-


Gallery Test:

Image 1 (volvie! avatar) = 145 x 109

Image 2 (S70 grille) = 800 x 600

Image 3 (Post An Ad Screenshot) = 1349 x 2306

For best display of large photos, you may want to re-size before uploading.


Testing with generic phone number
(Filled out and hidden)

Optional field:
-Can be left blank
-Filled out and shown
-Filled out and hidden


New Forumotion Classifieds Format Test:


-Guests can view and respond (unable to change at this time).
-Members can post, view, and respond.
-The e-mail address is not displayed, but is used as a primary contact method.
-I don't yet know if uploaded images count against forum storage (so far it does not seem to, but it may be too soon to tell)...
-This new format requires approval, so ads do not display right away.
-Once approved, ads will display for three (3) months.
-Ads can be edited, but each edit requires approval before display (and may be a way to renew ads).
-Forumotion sends automatic status e-mails.

Feel free to try it out and let me know your thoughts / which format you prefer (Attention: Webmaster):



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