FAQ: How to Post Classifed Ads to Sac Volvo Club Forum & Where to Find Resources for Buying/Selling

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FAQ: How to Post Classifed Ads to Sac Volvo Club Forum & Where to Find Resources for Buying/Selling

Post by volvie! on Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:34 pm

Hi Everyone,

We do not post classified ads to the mailing list, but we do have this Sac Volvo Club Forum where you are more than welcome to post your classified ad(s).

How to post on the SacVCOA Forum:

Navigate to the forum:

Register or login

If you need help registering for the forum, take a look at this topic here:

And/or this one, if using the Apple Safari Internet Browser / having issues with the image verification:

Since you will need to be contacted by another person to complete the transaction, a couple of notes:
Register for the forum with a real email address (that you check often) and set up your forum account to send personal message notifications to your e-mail (as I do not recommend sharing your e-mail address in the forum posts for spam protection).

See this post for more information/background:
(You will need to be registered/logged in to see this post as it is in the For Sale section).
[While in the For Sale Section, take a look at this topic about being on the look out for scams:
http://forum.sacvolvoclub.org/t5-buyer-beware-be-on-the-look-out-for-scams ]

Scroll down to the For Sale section (to limit spammers, you must be registered and logged in to see posts in the Classifieds/Marketplace section)
Click on For Sale or Wanted category link
Click on New Topic
Start typing your description of the item you are selling (For Sale Section) or looking for (Wanted Section)

If you are selling a car, somethings to consider when describing the car in the ad:
(You will need to be registered/logged in to see this post as it is in the For Sale section)

Need some more resources (how much is the car worth, etc.)?
Check out our Volvo Buying Guide and Selling Guide links here:



General questions about the forum can be found in the Information / About this Forum section here:


If you are selling a car or part and would like to find other places to list your car for sale, check out these resources:

Volvo Forums Links:

Model-Specific Links (Rear Wheel Drive Models):

Model-Specific Links (Front Wheel Drive Models):

Volvo Buying Guide:


Good luck with your transactions!

Hope that helps!

Take care,

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