Forum Communications (E-mail, PM, Newsletter, Notifications) and Profile Settings

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Forum Communications (E-mail, PM, Newsletter, Notifications) and Profile Settings

Post by volvie! on Fri Jan 20, 2017 5:59 pm

Hi Everyone,

To facilitate forum communications, such as allowing members to contact you via e-mail without the need to directly list your e-mail address in a classified ad post (for better security / spam protection), a few settings to explore in your forum profile:

arrow Part I: Profile: How to View and Edit?

There are a number of ways to view and edit your profile.

To view your profile (works whether you have or have not yet posted to the forum):

-Log in to the forum

-Click the "Members" button in the toolbar.

-Search for your username in the username search box or in the list and click on it.

To edit your profile:

-Log in to the forum

-Click the "Profile" button in the toolbar.

-The "Information" tab will open first.


arrow Part II: Profile: Setting Options to Check

When viewing your editable profile, you will see a number of tabs:
Information, Preferences, Signature, Avatar, Notifications.

1. Information Tab:

-E-mail and password can be changed here.

-Personalized Profile fields are optional.

-Consider filling out the location field before posting an ad in the Classified / Marketplace section so people know where you are.

2. Preferences Tab:

Options to consider setting to "yes"

Allow members to contact me by e-mail

Check that your e-mail address is correct in the Information tab before turning on this setting.

Contact will be via forum e-mail form (see screenshot below in part III).

Allow members to send me private messages

Contact will be via forum pm form (see screenshot below in part III).

Notifications can be set to receive e-mails when a member contacts you via personal message (see the Notifications Tab).

For more information about Forumotion PMs from the Help Forum:

Allow newsletters

In the event that that we need to contact all forum members about forum-specific news or issues.

Note that this is forum newsletter is different than the Sac Volvo Club Mailing List.
For Sac Volvo Club news and event information delivered directly to your e-mail inbox, sign-up for the Mailing List here:

Always notify me of replies

If selected, the forum will automatically select the "Notify me when a reply is posted" option with each topic / reply (no need to remember or worry about forgetting!)

Board Language

Can set and/or change here as preferred.

Timezone and Date Format

Forumotion is a company based in France, so the default may not be accurate to where you are. This can be changed here as preferred.

3 & 4. Signature and Avatar Tabs:

See this topic for more information:

5. Notifications Tab:

You can select which notifications to receive via e-mail.

For more information about Forumotion Profile Settings from the Help Forum:


arrow Part III: Forum Communications: How to Contact a Member via Forum PM or E-mail?

The easiest way  to contact a member regarding their classified ad is to view their ad (make sure you are logged in) and select one of the contact buttons under their username.

The forum PM form looks like this:

The forum e-mail form looks like this:


Hope that helps!

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Take care,

1-31-2018: Forum Profile Screenshots Updated

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