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Testing Forumotion's New Classifieds

Published the Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:22 pm

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Description :

1-31-2018 Update:

Forumotion recently updated their forum messages to watched topics to include "links of interest," which includes links to this New Classifieds format.

Please note that this feature has been archived per member feedback.

If you are interested in this format, please Contact Us
(Attention: Webmaster):


8-25-2017 Update:

Please note that Classified Ads posted to this New Classifieds Format Test section may appear in Forumotion's new Public Directory for Ads, Events, & Publications:

If you prefer not to have your For Sale Classified Ad(s) showcased in Forumotion's directory, you can post in the original For Sale forum section here:


Description goes here. Example:


Feature 1-

Feature 2-


Gallery Test:

Image 1 (volvie! avatar) = 145 x 109

Image 2 (S70 grille) = 800 x 600

Image 3 (Post An Ad Screenshot) = 1349 x 2306

For best display of large photos, you may want to re-size before uploading.


Testing with generic phone number
(Filled out and hidden)

Optional field:
-Can be left blank
-Filled out and shown
-Filled out and hidden


New Forumotion Classifieds Format Test:


-Guests can view and respond (unable to change at this time).
-Members can post, view, and respond.
-The e-mail address is not displayed, but is used as a primary contact method.
-I don't yet know if uploaded images count against forum storage (so far it does not seem to, but it may be too soon to tell)...
-This new format requires approval, so ads do not display right away.
-Once approved, ads will display for three (3) months.
-Ads can be edited, but each edit requires approval before display (and may be a way to renew ads).
-Forumotion sends automatic status e-mails.

Feel free to try it out and let me know your thoughts / which format you prefer (Attention: Webmaster):



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