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Why Forumotion? The Benefits and Drawbacks.

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Why Forumotion? The Benefits and Drawbacks. Empty Why Forumotion? The Benefits and Drawbacks.

Post by volvie! Thu Apr 02, 2009 12:09 am

Hi Everyone,

When looking to create a forum, I had a list of features in mind that I was looking for:
1. I wanted something free and/or cheap (we are an organization of volunteers, so everything comes out of our own pockets).
2. I needed something that would allow me to create and host the forum.
3. It needed to be stable and have good support features.
4. I preferred that it could be organized into forums to make it easier to search for and keep track of messages (something that is more difficult with listserves and groups).
5. I wanted something with no ads or offered a way to eliminate ads.
6. I also wanted to have an option to set-up a gallery.

After a lot of research and reading, Forumotion was selected as the top choice as it met all the above criteria:
1. All of the basic features are free. And "credits" can be purchased to eliminate ads and increase the gallery storage space.
2. Forumotion allows full customization and hosts the forum for free.
3. Forumotion is a larger service/presence in the "free forum hosting" arena, fequently updates its features, and has its own support forum.
4. Forums created can be fully customized according to our needs. Changes are easy to make and occur instantly.
5. In the administrator panel, I have selected not to activate ads and to disallow image/video ads, although I am not sure if this applies to the whole forum or for members only (since they encourage you to buy credits to eliminate ads). I have yet to see any ads, but you will have to let me know if you see ads or not (as a guest and as a member).
6. An extra option that is available is a forum gallery. While the free storage capacity is low (10mb), additional space can be purchased with credits.
-If we find that we don't use the gallery (i.e., we find that posting pictures in the forum topics is sufficient), this gallery can be de-activated.
-Or, we could use the gallery as a "car of the month"/limited use-type set-up.
-Or, if the gallery is a highly used feature ("member's garage," "event photos," etc.), we can purchase additional credits to expand its storage capacity.

As you've been reading this, you've probably already noticed that there may be some costs to keep this space ad free and to support an active gallery. Depending on the use of this forum and the costs associated to run it, we may need to request donations in the future...

While the cost of the credits changes with the exchange rate, here is some credit cost information from February 16, 2009:

And, here is a listing of the forum limits:

If you took a look at the above link, you may have noticed that the avatar gallery is limited to thirty (30), so to save this space we will need to host the avatar images elsewhere and link to them here.

See this announcement topic for more information:
Avatars and Signatures: Guidelines and How-Tos:

Another drawback is the image hosting service associated with the forum. While it is free, there is not a lot of information available for it and no support that I could find. When I tried to upload the sample signature and avatar images for the Avatar / Signature Guideline topic, I was given an undefined #312 error. The only thing I could find about it was this:

Forumotion Support Forum- Gallery 312 error:

So, there may be individual picture/image size limits with this service too. To work around it, I created a photobucket account and plan to use that more frequently than the servimg account.


As we continue to see increased activity on the board, we may find other benefits and drawbacks, so feel free to share your thoughts and/or contact me with any issues or suggestions:

Contact Us! (Attention: Webmaster)

Take care,

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Why Forumotion? The Benefits and Drawbacks. Empty Re: Why Forumotion? The Benefits and Drawbacks.

Post by volvie! Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:00 am

Hi Everyone,

As we make the changes to the Sac Volvo Club Forum per the Sac Volvo Club policies, I wanted to take a moment to revisit this topic.



Forumotion has been a stable provider of this free hosted forum for us over the years and the features have been steadily improved and continue to be developed.

Check out the Updates and New Features Section of the Help Forum for the Latest:

The Forumotion Community and Help Forum remain active, friendly, and open to suggestions.

Please let me know if you experience any issues / problems and/or have any suggestions for this forum: (Attention: Webmaster)


Advertising / Credit System:

As a free service, Forumotion supports itself through the third-party advertising / ads, copyright links, and credit system.
I have limited the number and type of advertising / ads as much as possible in the Administration Panel (without buying credits).

2016 Topic with Credit to Cost Information:

Credits Management:


Gallery / Attachments / Forum Storage:

The Gallery and Attachment features count against forum storage (now limited to 20MB), so they are not activated in the Administration Panel as credits are required to purchase more storage.

Forumotion Storage Space Management:

Forumotion Limits:


Photos / ServImg:

The ServImg photo hosting connection to the Forumotion Forums is now much easier to use.

For more information:


As mentioned above, please contact me with any issues / problems and/or have any ideas / suggestions for this forum: (Attention: Webmaster)

Take care,

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