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April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet

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April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet Empty April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet

Post by volvie! Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:08 pm

Hello everyone!

Please join the Sacramento and Golden Gate VCOA Chapters for our 14th Annual Davis Car Show & Swap Meet on April 29th at 9:00am.

Now in its 14th year, the annual Davis Car Show & Swap Meet is one of the larger events on the West Coast, drawing 100+ members from Southern CA all the way up to the state of Washington and across the Sierras to the state of Nevada.

All Volvos are welcome whether they be a work-in-progress, a daily driver, showroom beauty, or a highly modified (race) car. This year will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1800 and the 20th anniversary of the 850.

Special request: If you have a stock, low mileage, original 850 series, wagon or sedan, we would like to feature your car in a display area. There will be an area highlighting the P1800 and 850 release and we would like to show them in their factory delivered condition. If you feel you have an 1800 or 850 that meets this criteria, contact CJ Yother (cj.yother at ggvcoa dot org Subject: Display Vehicle).

Note that this year "the car show will be a judged event! Participation in the judged car show is optional. If you don't wish to be judged, don't worry you can still have your car on display for everyone else to admire!"

Meeting location:
Central Park
401 C Street
Davis, CA 95616
(Entrance gate at 3rd Street & C Street)

Google Map (will open in new tab/window):,-121.738386&spn=0.036117,0.084543&t=h&z=14

If showing your car and/or selling in the swap area, arrive between 7:00A - 8:30A

-Pre-registration entry fee for Car Show participation (one parking space) =
$15.00 / vehicle for VCOA members
$25.00 / vehicle for non-members
-Pre-registration entry fee for Swap Meet vendors (two parking spaces) =
$30.00 / vehicle for VCOA members
$40.00 / vehicle for non-members

Pre-register on-line:
GGVCOA Event Registration:®event_action=register&event_id=26&name_of_event=14th+Annual+Davis+Swap+Meet%2C+Car+Show

Registrations accepted on day of event
(prices will be slightly higher).

Volunteers Needed: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet

"We need volunteers for the upcoming Davis car show. See the list below, if you think you can help out, please let us know! We appreciate the help, and it’s volunteers that keep this club moving ahead.

Sunday – Davis Show & Swap

Gate/Parking (direct drivers to correct parking area or collect entry fees and hand out registration packets)
7 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. (five people needed)
8:15 to 9:45 a.m. (five people needed)
9:45 to 11:00 a.m. (four people needed)

Concessions/Registration/Raffle (sell donuts/coffee, snacks, raffle tickets, and chapter merchandise)
7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. (three people needed)
8:30 to 10:15 a.m (three people needed)
10:15 to 11:45 a.m. (three people needed)
11:45 to 1:30 p.m. (three people needed)

Judging * NEW * (inspect and evaluate cars entered in the Show)
9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (may end earlier if judging is completed) (eight people needed)

If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail CJ at CJ.Yother at GGVCOA dot org and let him know the post and shift that you want.

Let’s make Saturday and Sunday great VCOA events!"

2012 Note:

I put out a call for judges and volunteers for Davis earlier today. The Chapter's are trying hard to make this the event of the year, but in order to do so we need volunteers. If you are coming and can offer a bit of time either for the Auto-X or the Car Show and Swap Meet on Sunday we need to hear from you. The more bodies we have the less each of us have to work. Think of it as a Habitat for Humanity Volvo style.

We want to break some records this year. The record attendance at Davis is about 125 (126 IIRC) cars. Sell out is appx 150 cars. Bring em out and lets have to close the gate to entries. Several sponsors have already committed with lots in store. We also have a Volvo North America Regional Market Manager interested in getting involved, but we need to show him that we can put together a event worthy of their participation. In order to do this we need Volvo owners to come out in force!

Bring it!

We hope to see you there.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Take care,

April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet Davis_2012_8.5x11

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April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet Empty Re: April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet

Post by volvie! Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:11 pm

Event T-Shirts are available this year:
The front features the Golden Gate VCOA logo.
The back features Sacramento VCOA's S. Ream's 1966 P1800S at the 2011 Autocross.
April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet 2012_davis_tshirt_sm
T-shirts will be available for pre-order at the GGVCOA’s website:
And, at the day of the event.
Supply is limited, so order early!

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April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet Empty Re: April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet

Post by volvie! Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:36 pm

Selected Event Updates from the Turbobricks Forum topic:

Tell all your friends, family and passers by to come to this event. We are working with a regional Volvo rep to get some support. If we come out in numbers they will start to participate more. P1800 and 850's are the feature car, but we want all models to show up. Davis regularly has about 125 cars, at 150 we're about at capacity. Get your a$$ out there and let's sell out! Register now!

Looking ahead. Mark your calendars

2013 Davis will celebrate IPD's 50th Anniversary.
2014 Davis will feature the release of the 240.

Here is a list of classes this year, bring em out!

Stock 444/544
Modified 444/544
Stock 122
Modified 122
Stock P1800
Modified P1800
Stock 140 Series
Modified 140 Series
Stock 240 Series
Modified 240 Series
Stock 700/900 Series
Modified 700/900 Series
Stock 850/70 series 1993-2000
Modified 850/70 series 1993-2000
Stock S60 V70 C70 series 2001-2009
Modified S60 V70 C70 series 2001-2009
Stock XC XC60 XC70 XC90
Modified XC XC60 XC70 XC90
Stock 40/50 Series S40 V40 V50
Modified 40/50 Series S40 V40 V50
Stock C30
Modified C30

Goodies are starting to show up from sponsors. A box from Meguiar's today, can't wait to see what they sent. IPD, RSI and and iRoll Motors have also expressed they will be sending goodies and sponsoring portions of the meet.

Lots of special attractions lining up this year. Mike Dudek is bringing a P1800 with 37k on the clock, Bruce Ackerman is bringing his SCCA 1800 and will show it off on stands with the front end off, Hopefully Lars will have his beautiful P1900 also on display + much much more.

Cameron, tease everybody with some of what IPD has planned for this monster event!

We still need some volunteers for judges. We have a few, but need at least 5 more. All that we ask is that you don't judge in a class that your car is entered in. That being said now is the time to chime in so you can show off your in depth knowledge of a particular model or two.

We still need a box stock 850 that can be used to display how an 850 was delivered from the factory.

Some great news today. K-PAX sent me an e mail and they will be bringing one of their C30 cars and hopefully several raffle items and a booth with some of their new merchandise.

I also heard from the VCNA representative for this region and it looks like we will have participation from Volvo corporate. This is an excellent opportunity to come out in force and show Volvo what a following the club has to begin a long term relationship that will keep them engaged for years to come.

I think I'll attend all of the events.

Oh my, did I forget to mention the Davis Flea Market on the green behind the show. It looks like I did. Yes, that 's right the Davis Flea Market will be on the green with food vendors and live music starting at noon.


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April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet Empty Re: April 29, 2012: Davis Car Show & Swap Meet

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