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How To Host / Post Photo(s)

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How To Host / Post Photo(s) Empty How To Host / Post Photo(s)

Post by volvie! Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:32 pm

Hi Everyone,

Forumotion has recently updated the ServImg Image Hosting / Upload Feature on the forums!

It is now much easier to directly host and upload photos directly in Sac Volvo Club Forum topics!

The ServImg account should be the same as your Sac Volvo Club forum account (same e-mail and password):
[Note: You may need to host / post a photo to a topic before your Sac Volvo Club Forum ServImg Account gets created.]

Link to ServImg:

ServImg Terms of Service:

ServImg Terms of Service wrote:Don't upload anything that can be even remotely construed as illegal, pornographic, copyrighted, harassment, or spam. If you do, we will ban you, delete all your images, and report you to the proper authorities (if necessary).

To Host / Post Photo(s):

1. Make sure you are logged in to the forum.

Click on the "log in" button on the right of the top menu to log in.
When you are logged in, you should see that the "log in" button has been replaced with a "log out" button.

2. Navigate to the category and forum where you would like to upload your photo(s).

Example: For Sale Section

-If the topic already exists, click on the topic name and then click on "Post Reply" or "Edit."

-If creating a new topic, look for a "New Topic" button at the top and bottom of the forum frame.

3. Host the Photo(s)

You should now see the Topic Writing / Editing window.

Look for a picture icon with a floppy disk in front of it.
The help text says, "Host an image."

-Click on this picture / floppy disk icon and a new window appears allowing you to "Drop your files here" or "Select Files"

[Start 10/21/2018 Update:]

At this time, you can upload / insert up to three (3) photos at a time / per post with a free ServImg account.

And, you can upload / insert up to 25 photos at a time / per post with a Pro ServImg account.

[End 10/21/2018 Update-- For more details, please see reply below.]

ServImg Terms of Service wrote:You can upload jpg, png and gif images that are less than 1 Mo (1000 ko).

-Keep the images sized at "800 px width (for forums)"

-Select "Send All"

How To Host / Post Photo(s) Servim10

4. Post the Photo(s)

-After Sending the images to ServImg for hosting, the window will change and show you thumbnail images along with URL links and a new option to "insert all."

-Select "Insert All" for the image url codes to be automatically added to your post.

How To Host / Post Photo(s) Servim11

5. Finish your message and send.

-When finished typing your message, look for the "notify me when a reply is posted" text and select that check box to be notified via e-mail when someone relies to your topic.

-You can also preview your message before sending to see what it will look like before posting.

-When you are done, select "send," and your post will be sent to the forum.


Related topics on the Forumotion Help Forum for more information:

2016 Topic:

2015 Topics:

2008 Topic:


So now you know!
Go register, log in, and lets see all those wonderful pictures!   thumb up

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Take care,

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How To Host / Post Photo(s) Empty Re: How To Host / Post Photo(s)

Post by volvie! Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:29 pm

Hi Everyone,

A quick update:

Forumotion has announced the release of ServImg Pro and adjusted some of the features available at the free level.

One example:

Host up to 3 images simultaneously  --> Free version

Host up to 25 images simultaneously --> Pro version


For full details, please see this topic:

Take care,

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