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Forum Error #230: Contact Technical Support / General Error Help

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Forum Error #230: Contact Technical Support / General Error Help Empty Forum Error #230: Contact Technical Support / General Error Help

Post by volvie! Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:45 pm

Hi Everyone,

If you try to register for the forum or are posting to the forum and receive the following error message:
Error #230: Contact Technical Support
Or, if you receive any other error message try these tips as they generally help in a lot of situations:

There are a few things to try:
1. Clear your browsers cache and/or cookies--
Clean your cache first. If you still have problems, clean your cookies.

Alternatively, you can clean them both at the same time:

-Instructions provided by Gmail Support:

-Related link from the University of Indiana:

2. If you do not want to clean your cache/cookies, or are still having a problem after cleaning your cache/cookies,
Try a different browser, if you have one.
For example, if you were using the Google Chrome Browser when you received the error, try switching to the Mozilla Firefox Browser and see what happens...

3. If switching browsers does not help, clear the browser of cache and cookies again and either reply to this topic with any further details you can provide or contact me as listed on the Contact Us page (webmaster):

4. If you have the time/inclination/want to help problem solve:
Try searching for your issue/error code in the Forumotion Help Forums.
The link can be found in the bottom right footer of the forum under "Free Forum Support:"
Although I find searching with Google much more helpful than the forums search bar.
forumotion error 230

I have made a change in the Administration Settings, so hopefully no one else runs into this 230 error again, but if you do and these recommendations do not work for you, let me know...

Hope that helps.

Take care,

#how-to #support #clear-cache #clear-cookies #Forumotion

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